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School Chinese Culture Activities

We provide diversified STEM education activities to present Chinese culture.

If you would like to learn more about the school activities, please feel free to contact us.

The number of students actually participating in the program (Up to 08/04/2024): 30,000+


The number of schools actually participating in the program (Up to 08/04/2024): 50+

Students Satisfaction With School Activities

Figures presented on this website refer to those released up to 22/3/2024. The data of this survey is accurate and reliable. We will conduct this survey after the events and send the data and analysis of the survey to the school.

How satisfied are you with this program?


Would you like to participate in this program again?


Can this program stimulate your interest in Chinese culture?

How much do you like Chinese culture?


Learning Outcomes

During the activity, students need to complete relevant worksheets and think about how to preserve and promote Chinese culture and cultural heritages.

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